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The Oasis Center
Affordable Housing Complex
10118 101 Avenue
Grande Prairie, AB T8V 0Y2

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About The Oasis Center

The Oasis Center is a safe and affordable housing option offering 20 multi-sized units to the City of Grande Prairie, ranging from bachelor’s to single and two-bedroom units.

Included in the building is the Administration Offices for The Oasis Group, including The Oasis Fellowship, Oasis Community Services, The Freedom Centre, The Oasis Daycare, The Oasis Laundromat, Oasis Supernatural Ministry Training Centre, and The Oasis Bridge building.

Application: All applications completed and returned to Oasis Community Services are rated based on individual need and the applicants ability to meet the Core Needs Income Thresholds (CNIT) established by the Province of Alberta Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, which consider the following:

  • Annual Income
  • Size of unit required based on family composition
  • Assets
  • Condition of present accomodation
Assessment: All applicants will be assessed through a personal interview:
  • To verify the information on the application:
    • Household composition
    • Household income
    • Household assets
    • To determine the most appropriate housing
Selection: When a unit becomes available, applicants assessed in highest need for the available accommodation will be contacted for a review of the following criteria:
  • Ability to pay affordable market rent based on income verification (income tax assessment and current income information)
  • Ability to live in the unit with or without community supports
Refusal: If an applicant refuses a unit offered to them, they will be placed on the inactive waiting list. This list would only be referred to if there were no applicants on the active waiting list.
Updates: If you wish to have your application updated, or wish to inquire about your application, you need to visit The Oasis Group Administration Office, located at 10118 – 101 Avenue, Grande Prairie, AB. If no contact is made after 6 months, the application will become inactive. If no contact is made after 12 months, the application will be removed from the waiting list.

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